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Plot for Ender's Game Amazon Rank

  • Created by: Randy Souza
  • Latest result: Plot created
  • Created on: 09 Dec 2011
  • Liked: 2 times

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Sales Rank of Ender's Game on

Plot Image
plot(time1190,data1190, '-');

ylim([1 1000]);
ylabel('Amazon Best-sellers Rank');
set(gca, 'Ydir', 'reverse')


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Hugo Carr almost 3 years ago

I just bought this thanks to this graph :-) It's fantastic!

Randy Souza almost 3 years ago

It's one of my favorite books ever, glad you're enjoying it!

Matt Rhodes over 2 years ago

Its an awesome book. The other two series that parallel and follow on from it are great btw... I've read it a half dozen times now. Did you know Orson is working on a movie version?