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Plot for English Premier League - Overall Standings

This plot is disabled.

Included from trend description:

This trend is to track the overall points standings of the Premier League teams to watch the leaderboard change.

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% time1281 and data1281 available for use
% for Liverpool - Overall points
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title('English Premier League Standings')
legend( ...
  {'Tottenham','Manchester United','Manchester City','Arsenal','Liverpool'}, ...

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I would suggest an improvement to this graph: The data points for a particular club should come only from the days that the club has played a game (as opposed to now where it is sourced from when anybody plays a game). This will make it possible to tell the difference between a loss (0 points) and not playing at all that day (0 points).

It would be awesome if home and away games could be distinguished.

Not sure if the dataset would allow these changes though.

Cheers! This was a fun graph!

you'll never walk alone

And where is Chelsea may I ask?