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Offshore wind speed near Cape Cod, MA & Pensacola, FL

  • Created by: Sam Mirsky
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  • Created on: 22 Jan 2012

Included from trend description:

A wealth of real-time data is available from a worldwide system of buoys at the National Data Buoy Center.

Plot Image
% time1261 and data1261 available for use
% for Offshore wind gusts near Cape Cod, MA
% Offshore wind gusts near Pensacola, FL
%   time vector is: time1262
%   data vector is: data1262
plot(time1262,data1262, 'ro-');
hold on
plot(time1261,data1261, 'b+-');
ylabel('Wind Gust (knots)');
legend('Pensacola, FL', 'Cape Cod, MA')

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