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Music Makers on SoundCloud and behavior around reciprocal following

The music sharing site provides a cool utility for hosting music online (produce by you) and allows users to collect and track people who like your music (followers) and people who's music you like (following).

This shows a quick plot of my coworkers and myself, our followers minus the number of people we are following. This offsets the "followback" tendency to blindly follow people as a thank you for them following you. It's a silly metric about self absorption and the need for other's approval.

Plus it's a great opening to tease my coworkers. ;) ±

It's just in fun and an exercise for me to learn some MATLAB. If you work with us and would like to be on this chart, drop a comment with your sound cloud name and we'll get you added.

Plot Image
hold all
plot(time1343,data1343, 'o-')
plot(time1346,data1346, 'o-')
plot(time1345,data1345, 'o-')
plot(time1344,data1344, 'o-')
plot(time1347,data1347, 'o-')
   'Analog Interrupt',... 
   'Even After'...
hold off

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