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Movie Satisfaction: Critics vs. Everyone Else

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The lengths of X and Y must match.

This graph looks at how general film satisfaction coincides between what critics around the world are saying, and what people actually think.

  • Are they completely out of touch with the common man?
  • Are we slaves to what we read, doomed to follow the trend dictated by the critics?
  • How does the film festival season affect film quality?

These questions and more will be answered (or more probably made even more opaque)

Technique: The plot looks at the metacritic site for film reviews, lists the movies which are currently in the theatre. Critics and general users reviews are separated to visualise seasonality and lag.

MetaCritic Film Reviews

Plot Image
% time1428 and data1428 available for use
% for Film Satisfaction: The Critics
% Film Satisfaction: Joe Bloggs
%   time vector is: time1429
%   data vector is: data1429

hold off

plot(time1429,data1429, '-');
hold all

plot(time1428, data1428, '-')

title('Movie Satisfaction: Critics vs. Everyone Else')

c = corrcoef(data1428, data1429, 'rows', 'pairwise');
d = sprintf('Correlation: %2f', c(1,2));
ylim([0.85*min([data1428; data1429]),1/0.85*max([data1428; data1429])])

yLimits = ylim;
ymin = yLimits(1);
ymax = yLimits(2);

xLimits = xlim;
xmin = xLimits(1);
xmax = xLimits(2);

legend({'General Public','Critics'}, 'Location', 'NorthWest')

yLimits = ylim;
ymin = yLimits(1);
ymax = yLimits(2);

xLimits = xlim;
xmin = xLimits(1);
xmax = xLimits(2);

normalisedYPos = ymin+0.8*(ymax-ymin);
normalisedXPos = xmin+0.03*(xmax-xmin);

text('String', d, 'Position', [normalisedXPos, normalisedYPos, 0])

hold off

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