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Plot for Will MATLAB Answers converge?

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Included from trend description:

Here I present two simple ratios:

  • answered questions over total number of questions (ANTO)
  • accepted answers over answered questions (ACAN)

A very crude measure of quality of the forum could be the convergence of the two ratios to 1.

The ratios are correlated by construction but it's interesting to observe the delays in the adjustments and to monitor deviations from the optimal path.

Plot Image
% Create axes

opt = {'EdgeColor','none'};
x   = [time1455(1); time1455; flipud(time1455)];

% Fill ANTO to 100% line
y       = [1; data1455; ones(numel(data1455),1)];
ynan    = isnan(y);
y(ynan) = y(find(ynan)-1);
fill(x, y,[.988 .659 .627], opt{:});

% Fill ACAN to 100% line
y       = [data1455(1); data1456; flipud(data1455)];
ynan    = isnan(y);
y(ynan) = y(find(ynan)-1);
fill(x,y ,[.984 .847 .847], opt{:});

% ANTO trend
line(time1455, data1455,'color', [.83 .08 .02])

% ACAN trend
line(time1455, data1456,'color', [.2 .3 .5])

% 100% line 
plot(time1455([1,end]),[1 1],'--k')

% Legend
legend({['ANTO: ' sprintf('%.3f%%',data1455(end)*100) ' answered (last)'],...
['ACAN: ' sprintf('%.3f%%',data1456(end)*100) ' accepted (last)']},'Location','SouthEast'); legend('boxoff');

% Dateticks

% Title
title({'MATLAB Answers';'ANTO: answered to total questions'; 'ACAN: accepted to answered'})

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Could we see:

(Answered + (doit4me tags && not answered)) / total?

I am trying to figure out how to query correctly and which "questions" to ask.