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Plot for Truthiness Scores

This plot is disabled.

This is a plot of the 'Truthiness Scores' of Barack Obama and Mitt Romney.

Plot Image
% time1473 and data1473 available for use
% for Rick Santorum's Truthiness Score
% (Rick Santorum Removed)
% time1472 and data1472 available for use
% for Mitt Romney Truthiness Score
% Barack Obama Truthiness Score
%   time vector is: time1471
%   data vector is: data1471
legend('Barack Obama','Mitt Romney','Location','EastOutside')

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This is fantastic... great idea!

I'm assuming 1=Knight, -1=Knave, correct? So basically, you can't trust anyone. Probably can't even trust this graph, because of how the compiler numeralizes(assigns a truthness value) a statement or action by the person and how closely they are followed.

Updated 6/15/2012, Dropped Rick Santorum from the plot and fixed trends for Obama and Romney which were getting spurrious data due to changing their display.

John, in my case +2=absolute Knight and -3=absolute Knave. Above zero would indicate that they're more truthful, below would indicate that they're less truthful. Obviously I'm not suggesting that you base any real decisions on this graph. The truthiness numbers that are assigned are compiled from ratings on, who analyze statements made by candidates on a regular basis. This program does no analysis of the statements, rather it grabs the analysis that has already been done on the statements and compiles it.
Ultimately, I've found that whether you believe this graph or not depends on your political leanings. My conservative friends wave it off saying anything from it's 'bad analysis' to it's a 'vast left-wing conspiracy'.

Romney has taken a dive through July and August...