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Average British Newspaper Hysteria

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  • Created by: Hugo Carr
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  • Created on: 25 Feb 2012
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How does average newspaper hysteria compare between tabloids and broadsheets?

This graph uses trends which have been calculated by looking at the front page of each associated news website and deriving a hysteria metric. The averages have been calculated from historical data used by this time series.

Plot Image
data1362 = interp1(time1362, data1362, time1363);
data1361 = interp1(time1361, data1361, time1363);
data1360 = interp1(time1360, data1360, time1363);
data1359 = interp1(time1359, data1359, time1363);
data1358 = interp1(time1358, data1358, time1363);
data1357 = interp1(time1357, data1357, time1363);
data1356 = interp1(time1356, data1356, time1363);
data1427 = interp1(time1427, data1427, time1363);

myData = [data1363 data1362 data1361 data1360 data1359 data1358 data1357 data1356 data1427]';

mymean = mean(myData);

plot(time1363,mymean, 'b-', 'LineWidth', 2);
hold all

%% Broadsheets

broadsheets = [data1427 data1361 data1359 data1363 data1362]';

b = sum(~isnan(broadsheets));
myBroadsheetMean = sum(broadsheets)./b;

plot(time1363,myBroadsheetMean, ':', 'Color', [58 95 205]/256);

%% Tabloids

tabloids = [data1357 data1358 data1360 data1356]';

b = sum(~isnan(tabloids));
myTabloidsMean = sum(tabloids)./b;

plot(time1363,myTabloidsMean, 'r:');

plot(time1363, 5*ones(1, length(time1363)), 'r--', 'LineWidth', 2)


title('Average British Newspaper Hysteria')
legend({'Average Hysteria', 'Average Broadsheet Hysteria', 'Average Tabloid Hysteria', 'Mayan Armageddex Threshold'}, 'Location', 'NorthWest')

ylim([0 5.08])

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