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Rank of Aurélien QUEFFURUST (France) on CODY

This plot is broken.

during =


Undefined function or variable 'plusrecent'.

[Updated 05-Dec-2012 - badges columns have appeared in Nov 2012]

Evolution of my rank from

The criteria chosen is Score (and not Solved , Created or Solutions)

In the following plot , I decided to reverse the direction of y values to highlight my rank progress

See also one of my Trendy about Cody: Top 50 Cody players

Plot Image
% My rank in Cody 
%   time vector is: time1549
%   data vector is: data1549

% second column is the total of players
totalp = data1549(end,2);
data1549 = data1549(:,1);
badgebug = find(data1549==12);
data1549(badgebug(1:17) ) =3;
plot(time1549,data1549, 'ro-');



y2 = max(data1549);
record = min(data1549);
ylim ([record-1 y2+1])

% using reverse to see the progression ;)
%% find record 
index = find(data1549==record);
record_was = datestr(time1549(index),'dd mmm yyyy');
during = int2str(numel(record_was));

%% Update title
if num2str(data1549(end)) ==  num2str(record)
title([num2str(data1549(end)) ' rd on ' int2str(totalp)  ' players!!' ])
pendant = datenum(record_was(end,:))-datenum(record_was(1,:))
title([num2str(data1549(end)) ' th place on ' int2str(totalp)  ' players!! @' datestr(now) 10,...
'Record : ' num2str(record) ' from ' record_was(1,:) ' to ' record_was(end,:) ' (' num2str(pendant) ' days)'])

xx = get(gca,'xlim');
yy = get(gca,'ylim');
text(mean(xx),mean(yy),'French Geek player :-)')

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Yes I am in the big four !

If Cody was on the Olympic games , I would have had the bronze medal !

When badges were added to Cody (end of 2012) it has created a bug in this graphic which made me to decrease to 3rd to 12th place... which is BTW my current place now.