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What is the current version of CCleaner?

CCleaner is a freeware system optimization, privacy and cleaning tool. This Trendy indicates the Latest version of CCleaner. And as we can see in the below graphic, CCleaner is regularly updated.

I am using the following URL to get this info.

Plot Image
% Current version of CCleaner
%   time vector is: time1550
%   data vector is: data1550

% fix bug with previous url :
data1550(data1550==1)= 3.19;
ymin= min(data1550)-0.01;
ymax = max(data1550)+0.01;
%ylim([ymin ymax])

maxis = data1550(end);
dd= find(maxis==data1550);
first_day = dd(1);
difference = fix(time1550(end)) - fix(time1550(dd(1)));


%% Update title 
title(['CCleaner : ' num2str(maxis) ' since ' int2str(difference) ' days'],'fontweight','bold')

% format ytick
ytickunsurdeux = get(gca,'ytick');

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3.21 yeap let's go to upgrade!