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Plot for River Level at Earith Bridge

  • Created by: Edric Ellis
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  • Created on: 26 Apr 2012
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The height of the river Great Ouse at Earith Bridge near Cambridge. The road is closed when the river is too high, about 2.6 metres or so. Also showing the river level at Alconbury Weston and Offord Cluny.

Plot Image
% time1612 and data1612 available for use
% for River Level at Offord Cluny
% time1611 and data1611 available for use
% for River Level at Alconbury Weston
% River Level at Earith Bridge
%   time vector is: time1610
%   data vector is: data1610
plot(time1610,data1610, 'ob-', time1611, data1611, 'og-', ...
     time1612,data1612, 'oy-');
legend( 'Earith', 'Alconbury Weston', 'Offord Cluny', ...
        'Location', 'NorthWest' );
ylabel( 'River height (m)' );
xlabel( 'Date' );
set( gca, 'YLim', [0 3] );
set( gca, 'XLim', [round(now) - (8*7), round(now)] )
xr = get(gca, 'XLim');
line(xr, 2.6*ones(size(xr)), 'Color', 'r');
datetick('x', 'mm-yyyy', 'keeplimits');

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