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How many correct solutions for "Problem 24. Function Iterator" have been supplied?

I have noticed that the number of solvers does not increase a lot for the CODY problem: Problem 24. Function Iterator

This problem is very interesting but not so easy to solve. This Trendy will confirm it .

Note : correct solutions can be given by the same CODY player. For example there are are 120 correct solutions for 92 CODY players (=solvers) at 07-June-2012.

Plot Image
% How many solvers for Problem 24. Function Iterator?
%   time vector is: time1660
%   data vector is: data1660
current_correct = int2str(data1660(end,1));
plot(time1660,data1660(:,1), 'co-','linewidth',4,'displayname',[current_correct ' Correct Solutions']);

correct_sol = data1660(:,1);
real_solvers = data1660(:,2);
real_solvers_start = time1660;
% NaN values before 07-June-2012
real_solvers_start(isnan(real_solvers)) =[];
real_solvers(isnan(real_solvers)) =[];

firstday =fix( min(time1660));
lastday = fix(max(time1660));

sinceis = lastday - firstday;
difference = max(correct_sol)-min(correct_sol);
title(['Monitoring Cody Problem 24. Function Iterator' 10,...
int2str(difference) ' more correct solutions in ' int2str(sinceis) ' days'],'fontweight','bold')

%% plot solvers
hold on
plot(real_solvers_start,real_solvers, 'ro-','linewidth',4,'displayname',[int2str(real_solvers(end)) ' Solvers']);

% y-limits
y1 = min(real_solvers)-2;
y2 = max(correct_sol)+2;
ylim([y1 y2])




I finally managed to solve this problem!!! Good luck for the other players!

12-Jul-2012: same player (Richard b. ) has given 7 different correct solutions which explains the jump of the blue line