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Earthquakes worldwide

Including all earthquakes in the world. Data provided by the Eearthquake Notification Service ENS.

August 27: Note the huge peaks of the number of earthquakes around August 27-29. Some news stories that are related: News 1 News 2

May 8: I've fixed the bug with the collection of the magnitudes. The disrupancy appeared after a change in structure (from January 3, 2013). From today on the data on the magnitudes is captured correctly.

Plot Image
% Highest magnitude earthquake past day
%   time vector is: time1714
%   data vector is: data1714 
% Number of earthquakes past day
%   time vector is: time1712
%   data vector is: data1712 
% Average magnitude of earthquakes past day
%   time vector is: time1713
%   data vector is: data1713


title('Earthquakes worldwide');

hold on
plot(time1712,data1712, 'b-', 'Linewidth', 1);
legend('No.', 'Location', 'EastOutside');
datetick('x', 'mmmyy');



hold on
plot(time1713,data1713, 'r-', ...
'Linewidth', 1);
plot(time1714,data1714, 'k-', ...
'Linewidth', 1);
legend('Avg.', 'High', 'Location', 'EastOutside');
datetick('x', 'mmmyy');
ylabel('Richter scale');


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