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Video views on my youtube channel

I want to monitor the number of views of my youtube channel :

See one of my videos which make a DVD to disappear !! : Tour de magie

3rd June 2013 : Trend repaired after changes made by Youtube

Plot Image
% Video views on my youtube channel
%   time vector is: time1725
%   data vector is: data1725
plot(time1725,data1725, 'm-','LineWidth',6);

% set limits
ymin = min(data1725);
ymax = max(data1725);
%ylim([ymin-500 ymax+500])
nb_views = ymax-ymin;
axis auto
%% nb days
first_day = fix(time1725(1));
last_day =  fix(time1725(end));
nb_days = last_day - first_day ;

% format yticklabels (remove exponent) 
%set(gca, 'yTickLabel',sprintf('%.0f|',get(gca,'yTick')))

ylabel('Video Views')

% update title
title([int2str(ymax) ' views on' 10 ' +' int2str(nb_views) ' views in ' int2str(nb_days) ' days'])
vuespardjour = int2str(round(nb_views/nb_days));
hg = text(addtodate(now,-1,'year'),mean(data1725),[' ' vuespardjour ' views per day'] )
% date for x-axis

set(gcf,'color',[0 0.5 0])


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