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Plot for US/Canadian Dollar-Mexican Peso Exchange Rate.

This plot is broken.

Error using minmax
Too many output arguments.

Trend showing the mexican peso to US/canadian dollar exchange rate

Plot Image
% time1727 and data1727 available for use
% for US Dollar-Mexican Peso Exchange Rate
% Canadian Dollar-Mexican Peso Exchange Rate
%   time vector is: time1726
%   data vector is: data1726
data1726(isnan(data1726)) = 0;
data1727(isnan(data1727)) = 0;
h1 = plot(time1726,data1726, 'k-', 'LineWidth', 2);
hold on
h2 = plot(time1727,data1727, 'r-', 'LineWidth', 2);
set(gca, 'FontSize', 14)
datetick('x', 'dd-mmm')
axis tight
title('Peso Exchange Rate', 'FontSize', 14)
ylabel('Pesos/Dollar', 'FontSize', 14)
legend({'CAD' 'USD'}, 'Location', 'NorthEastOutside')

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Shows plot as broken:
Error using minmax
Too many output arguments.

However I do not use minmax to create this plot and the plot regeneration works fine. I'm confused...