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Up and Coming Editors on Answers

These are the top ten contributors to Answers that have less than 3000 points (once you get to 3000, you have all editing privileges).

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% Top 10 Sub-3000 Contributors in Answers
%   time vector is: time1756
%   data vector is: data1756

t = time1756;
d = data1756;
keep = t>(now-182);
t = t(keep);
d = d(keep,:);
v = [];
for i = 1:length(t)
    for j = 1:(size(d,2)/2)
        v(end+1,:) = [t(i) d(i,[2*j-1 2*j])];

namelist = { ...
  3102170,'Stephen Cobeldick';
  4211382,'Geoff Hayes';
  1187260,'Roger Stafford';
  434782,'Walter Roberson';
  869888,'Jan Simon';
  3208495,'Sean de Wolski';
  35831,'Fangjun Jiang';
  1343420,'Image Analyst';
  2823630,'Andrei  Bobrov';
  1280935,'Kaustubha Govind';
  688530,'Matt Fig';
  1597503,'Wayne King';
  1886545,'Oleg Komarov';
  2021205,'Paulo Silva';
  1841757,'the cyclist';
  631608,'Andrew Newell';
  1455089,'Matt Tearle';
  695467,'Titus Edelhofer';
  3022333,'Arnaud Miege';
  415894,'David Young';
  2038935,'Chandra Kurniawan';
  1297596,'Honglei Chen';
  1905880,'Teja Muppirala';
  646,'Andreas Goser';
  1078046,'Cedric Wannaz';
  1861624,'Grzegorz Knor';
  1670,'per isakson';
  1061251,'Rick Rosson';
  756104,'James Tursa';
  1287414,'Edric Ellis';
  869871,'Jiro Doke';
  1248313,'Guy Rouleau';
  3092678,'Elige Grant';
  884449,'Jason Ross';
  869436,'Doug Hull';
  1415857,'Patrick Kalita';
  2391181,'Aurelien Queffurust';
  869215,'John D''Errico';
  495579,'Jarrod Rivituso';
  1251008,'Tom Lane';
  1421875,'Chirag Gupta';
  870621,'Richard Brown';
  1668388,'Laura Proctor';
  506242,'Robert Cumming';
  1068471,'Ken Atwell';
  2929937,'Greg Heath';
  2872967,'Azzi Abdelmalek';
  1440443,'Matt J';
  3559595,'Mischa Kim';
  99682,'Star Strider';

nameHash = java.util.Hashtable; 
for i = 1:size(namelist,1)

profids = d(end,1:2:end);

leaderNameList = {};
hold all
for i = 1:length(profids)
  ix = v(:,2)==profids(i);
  t1 = v(ix,1);
  d1 = v(ix,3);
  name = nameHash.get(profids(i));
  if isempty(name)
    name = 'UNKNOWN';
  leaderNameList{end+1} = name;
hold off

%% For making the name list

% url = '';
% html = urlread(url);
% % /matlabcentral/answers/contributors/646-andreas-goser"><img alt="Andreas Goser"
% tk = regexp(html,'/matlabcentral/answers/contributors/(\d+)[^"]*?"><img alt="(.*?)"','tokens');
% fprintf('namelist = { ...\n');
% for i = 1:length(tk)
%     fprintf('  %s,''%s'';\n',tk{i}{1},tk{i}{2});
% end
% fprintf('};\n');

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How do you run this? Copying and pasting the code gives the error

Undefined function or variable 'time1756'.
Error in test3 (line 5)
t = time1756;

The first line says "Top players in Cody" - do I need to do something in Cody first?

The comment about Cody was a copy-and-paste mistake. Thanks for pointing it out. Running the code outside the context of Trendy is a little tricky, since you need to bring the data down from the site. Here's a post that might help:

There are two curves for blue, green, and red. We don't know which red curve is which person. Can you make all the colors be unique?

I tightened the time view a little and tried to make the colors more obviously unique.

Better. The two lime green lines are still pretty close by my eyes and my monitors.

I've ordered the lines in the legend based on where they are from top to bottom on the last day. That should help disambiguate a little.

Yes, that's good. How about another trendy that works with the top 10 contributors?

A lot of the top 25 contributors have plateaued and are not active anymore. Can you make another one that has a list of the Top 10 most active contributors? You could check the top 50 or so contributors and find out which have increased their score the most in the past, say, 3 months, and display their curves.

It's a good idea. Maybe you can give it a try? The data is all out there.