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Plot for Google {love,hate}{Obama,Romney}

Included from trend description:

How many result pages does google display for each of the following searches: "love Obama" "hate Obama" "love Romney" "hate Romney"

Plot Image
% time1790 and data1790 available for use
% for google "hate Romney"
% time1789 and data1789 available for use
% for Google "love Romney"
% time1788 and data1788 available for use
% for Google "hate Obama"
% Google "love Obama"
%   time vector is: time1787
%   data vector is: data1787
plot(time1787,data1787, 'o-'); % Love Obama
hold all
plot(time1788,data1788, 'o-'); % Hate Obama
plot(time1789,data1789, 'o-'); % Love Romney
plot(time1790,data1790, 'o-'); % Hate Romney
title('Google results for \{love,hate\}\{obama,romney\}')
ylabel('Number of results for each search')
legend({'Love Obama','Hate Obama', 'Love Romney', 'Hate Romney'},'Location','SouthWest')

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