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Plot for 2nd reason why MathWorks shoud have an office in my village

Included from trend description:

In my previous Trendy MathWorks should have an office in my village ... !! I only compare the temperature between my village Corbières and Meudon. But one of my friends told me that another benchmark about the quantity of rain will be more convincing. So let's try !

I just get the quantity in mm of rain during 14h and 17h which corresponds to the 7th column : Corbières and Meudon

Plot Image
% 2nd reason why MathWorks shoud have an office in my village
%   time vector is: time1794
%   data vector is: data1794

% deal NaN data in case Trendy system shut down (14-Sep-2012)
index =find(isnan(data1794))
if ~isempty(index)
data1794(index(1),:)= [];
time1794(index(1),:)= [];

h211= subplot(211)
plot(time1794,data1794(:,1), 'go-');
hold on
plot(time1794,data1794(:,2), 'ro-');
h_leg = legend('Corbières','Meudon')
title('it is raining men!')

h222= subplot(212)
tot = sum(data1794);

rectangle('Position',[0.5 0  1 tot(1)],'facecolor','green')
text(.8,tot(1)/2,[num2str(tot(1)) ' mm'])

rectangle('Position',[2 0  1 tot(2)],'facecolor','red')
text(2.3,tot(2)/2,[num2str(tot(2)) ' mm'])
ylabel('quantity of rain in mm')

study_days = fix(time1794(end)-time1794(1))
title([int2str(study_days) ' days of study'])


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    1 comment

    I am fair play : I did not delete the first data which show that there was some rain at home and not in Paris !!
    Anyway it is so rare that this scenario occurs ...