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Tracking Snowfall with Distributed Alpine Webcams

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I am interested in tracking the snow season of my favourite ski resort in the Alps, to help get a good idea of when are the best times to go. MATLAB Trendy is a good way of tracking this kind of information on a day by day basis. However, in order to achieve this I would like to be able to analyse webcam data to measure snow coverage. Fortunately I can download these images in realtime and use a predictive model to measure the total amount of snow in each image.

For more information on how the model was trained, see the following blog post. Essentially the average red, green and blue channel information of the images is stored, and a linear model estimates the amount of snow which the image contains.

Image data is obtained from

Plot Image
redCoeff =  0.042413;
greenCoeff = -0.1688;
blueCoeff =  0.09018;
coeffs = [redCoeff; greenCoeff; blueCoeff];
constant = 4.3638

[data1821 data1820 data1822]

predictions = [data1821 data1820 data1822]*coeffs + constant
plot(time1822, predictions)


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