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Plot for Sunset times in Boston, MA

  • Created by: Muthu Annamalai
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  • Created on: 26 Sep 2012
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Included from trend description:

Sunrise, Sunset times in Boston, MA sourced from NOAA observatory, and a crude estimate of daytime based on the two.

Plot Image
% time1818 and data1818 available for use
% for Sunrise times in Boston, MA
% Sunset times in Boston, MA
%   time vector is: time1823
%   data vector is: data1823

day_light_time = data1823+6 - data1818(1:length(time1823));
plot(time1823,data1823, 'r+-',time1823,data1818(1:length(time1823)),'b+-',time1823,day_light_time,'k+-');
legend({'Sunset times (PM)','Sunrise times (AM)','Daylight time + 6 (hrs)'},'Location','SouthWest')
title('Sunrise/Sunset times in Boston, MA')

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