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Wind Rose for the Prague Ruzyne Airport (LKPR)

A simple polar histogram that shows distribution of wind directions at the Prague Ruzyne airport (ICAO code LKPR).

The data is obtained from Meteorological Aerodrome Report (METAR) available at the Website of the Czech Air Navigation Services:


The graph shows frequency of wind directions divided into 36 bins. North winds fall in bin centered around 0°, South winds fall in the bin with center around 180°.

The underlying Trend 1827 is recorded daily, from October 2, 2012.

Wind speeds (recorded in Trend 1828) are not shown.

This plot can be used for decisions about building new runways (well, a third runway at LKPR will be 06/24 anyway) or for a more modest purposes where knowledge of prevailing winds is useful - garden design, bicycle trip planning etc.

Plot Image
% Wind Rose for the Prague Ruzyne airport (LKPR)
% Plot wind directions (in deg) stored in a trend in polar histogram
% 36 bins with centers at each 10 degrees
bins = degtorad(0:10:350);
rose(degtorad(data1827), bins);
title({'Wind Rose for the Prague Ruzyne Airport (LKPR)';' '});
% Set the viewpoint so that the plot looks like a wind rose
view(90, -90);
% Make the line thicker
hline = findobj(gca,'Type','line');
set(hline,'LineWidth', 2);