Parallel Computing

User Stories

  • Airbus -  Airbus Develops Fuel Management System for the A380 Using Model-Based Design
  • Argonne National Laboratory PSAT Toolkit -  Argonne National Laboratory Develops Powertrain System Analysis Toolkit
  • Black Tusk Geophysics -  Black Tusk Geophysics Detects and Classifies Unexploded Ordnance
  • C-COR Incorporated -  C-COR Cuts DSP Development Time by 30 Percent Using Simulink and Parallel Computing Toolbox
  • Commerzbank -  Commerzbank Develops Production Software System for Calculating Derived Market Data
  • Cornell University -  Cornell Bioacoustics Scientists Develop a High-Performance Computing Platform for Analyzing Big Data
  • DOCOMO Beijing Labs -  DOCOMO Beijing Labs Accelerates the Development of Mobile Communications Technology
  • Edwards Air Force Base -  Edwards Air Force Base Accelerates Flight Test Data Analysis Using MATLAB and Parallel Computing
  • EIM Group -  EIM Group Develops Quantitative Tools for Hedge Fund Portfolio Management
  • EMSolutions -  EMSolutions Automates Emissions Control Schedule Planning
  • Fulcrum Asset Management -  Fulcrum Asset Management Develops Custom Quantitative Risk Management System
  • Hüttenwerke Krupp Mannesmann -  HKM Optimizes Just-in-Time Steel Manufacturing Schedule
  • International Linear Collider -  Research Engineers Advance Design of the International Linear Collider
  • Lockheed Martin -  Lockheed Martin Builds Discrete-Event Models to Predict F-35 Fleet Performance
  • Lund University -  Lund University Develops an Artificial Neural Network for Matching Heart Transplant Donors with Recipients
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology -  Massachusetts Institute of Technology Integrates Cancer Research in the Lab and Classroom
  • Max Planck Institute -  The Max Planck Institute Reconstructs Key Protein Complexes Using MATLAB and Parallel Computing Toolbox
  • NASA Langley Research Center -  NASA Langley Research Center Accelerates Acoustic Data Analysis with GPU Computing
  • University of Geneva -  University of Geneva Develops Advanced Portfolio Optimization Techniques
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