Concurrent License

The Concurrent license is intended for use by a specified number of concurrent users to run the product on any computer that is connected to a single FlexNet License Manager.

How It Works:

  • You specify the products you require and the number of concurrent use keys for each product on your license.
  • Multiple users can access the software simultaneously on any number of computers served by a single license manager. When the number of simultaneous users equals the number of concurrent keys, anyone who subsequently tries to start the software is denied access until a key becomes available again.
  • You may install products in a central location or on individual computers as long as the use on all computers is controlled by the license manager.
  • The license is restricted to a single country of operation. For the purpose of this license option, member countries of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) shall be considered located in the same country; Iceland, Norway, Switzerland, or any member country of the European Union (EU) shall also be treated as a country.
  • A Global Concurrent license is available to serve users around the world. Contact MathWorks for pricing information.
  • Software Maintenance Service provides technical support and access to new features. The first year is included with new product licenses. You can continue uninterrupted service in subsequent years by renewing your maintenance subscription annually.

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Concurrent License

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