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Simulink 3D Animation

Animate, visualize, and interact with models in 3D

Simulink 3D Animation provides apps for linking Simulink® models and MATLAB® algorithms to 3D graphics objects. It lets you visualize and verify dynamic system behavior in a virtual reality environment. Objects are represented in the Virtual Reality Modeling Language (VRML), a standard 3D modeling language. You can animate a 3D world by changing position, rotation, scale, and other object properties during desktop or real-time simulation. You can also inject virtual sensor signals and access 3D animation data in Simulink or MATLAB for postprocessing.

Simulink 3D Animation includes viewers for rendering and interacting with virtual scenes. With the 3D World Editor, you can author detailed scenes assembled from 3D models exported from CAD-based or web-based sources. You can incorporate multiple 3D scene views inside MATLAB figures and interact with these views via a force-feedback joystick, space mouse, or other hardware device.

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