Simulink 3D Animation

Virtual Prototyping: Manipulator with SpaceMouse Control


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This example shows the use of the Magellan SpaceMouse for manipulating objects in the virtual world. The whole system of a hot chamber manipulator control was prototyped in 2 hours using Virtual Reality Toolbox.

Magellan Space Mouse is a six degrees of freedom input device, useful for navigating and manipulation of objects in virtual worlds. SpaceMouse is also suitable as a general input device for Simulink models. This professional 3D device greatly facilitates all the above mentioned tasks, and is recommended for higher performance applications and user comfort. SpaceMouse is supported via the SpaceMouse Input block, which is included in the Virtual Reality Toolbox Simulink library.

All six degrees of freedom of the SpaceMouse are used for manipulating the mechanic arm. Animation shows the movement of the arm both in and "Dominant" mode, when only the mouse cap movement in the dominant direction is considered.

The Magellan SpaceMouse Input block can operate in three modes to cover the most typical use of such a device in 3D context:

  • Speeds
  • Positions
  • Viewpoint coordinates


Model and graphics in this example used with kind permission of Protys s.r.o., Praha, Czech Republic.

More information on the Magellan SpaceMouse can be found at the web pages of 3Dconnexion company.