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Importing Digital Datcom Aerodynamic Coefficients

The U.S. Air Force Digital Datcom is a computer program that uses flight conditions and aircraft geometry to estimate the aerodynamic stability and control characteristics of aircraft. Digital Datcom follows the methods in the U.S. Air Force Stability and Control Datcom. Aerospace Toolbox includes a function for importing output files from Digital Datcom into MATLAB. This function lets you collect aerodynamic coefficients from static and dynamic analyses and transfer them into MATLAB as a cell array of structures, with each structure containing information about a Digital Datcom output file.

Aerospace Tbx figure 4

Aerodynamic coefficients imported into MATLAB from two Digital Datcom output files called astdatcom1.out and astdatcom2.out. The coefficients are imported as a 1 × 2 cell array of structures (top) using Aerospace Toolbox and can be viewed in the MATLAB Array Editor (bottom), where lift coefficient (cl) values are displayed for five angles of attack, two Mach numbers, and two altitudes.

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