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Multiflash for MATLAB

Multiphase equilibrium package for oil, gas, petrochemical, and chemical industries


  • State-of-the-art chemical and phase equilibrium
  • Simultaneous handling of any number and type of phases
  • Reliable convergence in the critical region
  • Automatic tracking of phase identity
  • Labeling of phases as to type, including supercritical
  • Provision of analytical derivatives of equilibrium conditions


Multiflash is an established phase and chemical equilibrium package. It is now available in a MATLAB compatible version, for calculating thermodynamic and transport properties for multi-component, multiphase streams. These include hydrates for oil and gas production and for rigorous modeling of physical properties in Simulink process dynamic simulations.

Multiflash has a standard database of 121 fluid and 140 solid components. Optional databases include DIPPR (AIChE) with 1450 fluid and solid components.

Properties calculated include: equilibrium data (concentrations, P & T), phase data, enthalpy, internal energy, entropy, compressibility, thermal conductivity, surface tension, dew and bubble points, speed of sound, molecular weight, Cp, and Cv.

Multiflash is a Trade Mark of Infochem Computer Services Ltd.

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