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Structural Dynamics Toolbox

Modal analysis and finite element modeling with MATLAB


The Structural Dynamics Toolbox (SDT) enhances MATLAB® core capabilities in controls and signal processing through extensions linked to:

  • Experimental model analysis. The SDT interfaces with data acquisition systems through universal files, provides an integrated identification methodology (adapted for tests with many modes, such as MIMO, FRFs, and large numbers of sensors), and includes extensive capabilities for the 3D animation of test results.
  • Finite element modeling. In addition to an extensive preprocessor for model manipulations, 3D model visualization with NASTRAN and ANSYS, and an element library including beams, plate/shells, solids, and super-elements, the SDT provides compiled .mex utilities that allow the treatment of models over 50,000 DOFs. FEM to state-space transformations allow easy communication with Control System Toolbox™ and Simulink®.
  • Test/analysis correlation. The SDT contains all the standard test/analysis correlation tools and links to state-space models used in control applications. In addition, the SDT provides advanced tools to handle general sensor configurations (mixed triaxial and nontriaxial measurements in nonglobal directions, laser vibrometer, etc.), noncoincident test and FEM meshes, and parameterized full and reduced order models used in FEM model updating and optimization.
Most functions in the SDT are open ASCII MATLAB programs that are easily combined and extended to suit end-user requirements.



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