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Nonlinear Synthesis Tools

Nonlinear control system from simulation models


  • High-performance nonlinear control synthesis in MATLAB® and Simulink®
  • Purely numerical implementations: gracefully scales up to larger problems
  • Proven design techniques such as Feedback Linearization and Recursive Backstepping methods
  • Interface for generating MATLAB code or C code that implements nonlinear controllers
  • Nonlinear dynamic systems of arbitrary dimensions
  • Over 50 tutorial examples in aircraft, missile, spacecraft, and robot control


The Nonlinear Synthesis Tools allow the user to design nonlinear control systems using a simulation model of the dynamic system as the starting point. The simulation models can be built using MATLAB or Simulink. No symbolic manipulations are required for control system synthesis. Through the interface, the user selects a nonlinear system design method and provides the appropriate design parameters. The software delivers nonlinear controller designs in the form of an MATLAB code file or C code. This code can be coupled to the MATLAB/Simulink simulation model to assess the closed-loop performance of the dynamic system.

The Nonlinear Synthesis Tools can be used to design nonlinear control systems for aerospace, automotive, electro-mechanical, manufacturing, and chemical process control systems. Over 50 tutorial examples are provided to help illustrate how to design nonlinear controllers. Nine different nonlinear controller synthesis methods are available to the user as well. The Control System Toolbox and Robust Control Toolbox can be used to enhance the capabilities of the Nonlinear Synthesis Tools software.

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