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CAE software for electromagnetic design


  • Electromagnetic design software
  • Finite element methods, such as static, harmonic, and transient state
  • Linear and rotating motion
  • CAD import, objects library, and multiparametric studies
  • 2- and 3-D design


FLUX is a CAE software package for electromagnetic design, which utilizes finite element (FEM) analysis. FLUX includes full geometry parameterization capabilities, static and dynamic excitation capabilities, connection to internal or external electrical circuits, and linear and rotating motion capabilities. FLUX technology enables you to explore, evaluate, and understand the behavior of a device that contains nonlinear steel components, electric currents in conductors, and/or permanent magnets.

FLUX can be used in the research, design, and production of every type of electric device and process, from small appliances to large machinery, from audio speakers, to medical MRI. Coupled with other programs, FLUX solutions expand into drive technology, fluid power, mechanics, acoustics, and thermal analysis. FLUX offers a direct link to Simulink, enabling you to develop your control strategy directly in Simulink with the FEM model described in FLUX. During the computation, FLUX and Simulink are run in transient cosimulation.

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