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Highly versatile engine model package for strategy development and HIL applications


  • Support for all major engine types
  • Rapid virtual strategy development
  • Easy assembly of engine models from library component model blocks
  • Automated model tuning from standard mapping data
  • Accuracy over the entire operating envelope
  • Cycle-by-cycle engine emulation


Enginuity is an engine model tool package based on MATLAB® and Simulink® that consists of numerous engine component model libraries and a model calibration toolset (for automated model tuning). Key features of Enginuity include cycle-by-cycle engine emulation (authentic in terms of firing order), an account of 12 individual gas species within the gas flows, variable valve actuation, and variable compression ratio.

Enginuity models are meant to support control engineers in developing engine control and diagnostic strategies within the MATLAB and Simulink environments. Highly accurate Enginuity models are used as a substitute for the real engine to interactively perform strategy assessment and validation in a virtual setting.

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