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QuantiPhi (Low-Level Driver Configuration and Generation Tool)

Simulink® blockset and embedded target for the Renesas® SH2A and R8C/3X; Freescale MPC56x, S12, and S12X; and Microchip PIC18F families that generates production-level, validated code


  • Supports all microprocessor I/O
  • Prevents any incompatible settings via ConfigLink system
  • Enables easy configuration via sophisticated interface
  • Generates well-documented production-quality code, eliminating need to develop drivers by hand


QuantiPhi (Device Driver Blocksets)_image

QuantiPhi generates fully documented, validated, and production-quality driver code, which is automatically integrated with the code generated using Embedded Coder® to produce an entire application from the Simulink modeling environment. It provides a unique and powerful way to realize ideas on physical hardware. With the sophisticated, yet easy-to-use interface, users can configure the microprocessor within minutes. Users can then easily build the scheduling and I/O interface within Simulink by dragging the QuantiPhi I/O, timing, and memory blocks into their model and connecting them. The following MCUs are supported:

  • Renesas SH72546, SH72544, and SH72543
  • Renesas R8C 36 and 38
  • Freescale S12 and S12X
  • Freescale MPC565 and MPC566
  • Microchip PIC18F

QuantiPhi is an add-on library of device driver blocks for Simulink. Generated driver code is integrated with generated code from Embedded Coder. QuantiPhi is recommended for projects where Simulink and Stateflow® models will be deployed to a target microcontroller.

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