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Simulate transient behavior of hydraulic system, especially for fuel injection system


  • Flexible modeling capability
  • Fast and robust calculation
  • State-of-the-art physical models
  • Accurate calculation results
  • Easy and intuitive look and feel
  • Control strategy optimization with MATLAB/Simulink


HYDSIM has been designed for simulating diesel injection systems such as unit injectors, in-line pumps, and state-of-the-art high-pressure common rail systems. HYDSIM is also applicable for modeling other types of injection devices: gasoline, alternative fuel (e.g., dimethyl ether), etc.

Researchers and designers in the automotive industry and at engine manufacturers are the primary users of HYDSIM. Typical applications include the optimization of design parameters of various fuel injection systems, and control design of fuel injection systems. HYDSIM can handle the interaction between hydraulic element and mechanical parts. HYDSIM provides co-simulation interfaces to both MATLAB and Simulink. Users can model their controller logic in MATLAB or Simulink, and then optimize the algorithm and design parameters through co-simulation. In addition, HYDSIM has a DLL interface to controller models generated with Simulink Coder, providing accelerated co-simulation.



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