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Multi Objective Rating Evaluation: worldwide corporate credit rating assessment


  • Corporate credit rating assessment
  • Credit rating and probability of default evaluation
  • Commercial credit limit assessment
  • Financial and economic analysis from financial fundamentals to financial quality evaluation
  • Visualization of financial strengths and weaknesses
  • Sector analysis and benchmarking



MORE stands for Multi Objective Rating Evaluation, a methodology developed by modeFinance to evaluate credit risk, enhancing the current models in default evaluation. MORE provides users with objectivity, transparency, and completeness via credit rating reports:

  • Objective - MORE states prospective and objective credit opinions that rely on the most important financial characteristics and give an accurate picture of a company.
  • Transparent - Finance markets need a transparent rating evaluation to make the right decisions. MORE gives a transparent and direct link between the financial and economic fundamentals and the final rating evaluation.
  • Complete - Markets are becoming more complicated every day, the complete and objective analysis, crucial thinking, ideas, and the data provided by modeFinance will be an important part of the business world. modeFinance offers rating evaluations for both big companies and SMEs.

MORE leverages the native database interface in MATLAB®, enabling users to pass corporate data and set financial and economical analysis with fuzzy techniques using the graphical interfaces in MATLAB. 

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