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BEEcube Platform Studio

Real-Time Multi-FPGA Prototyping Platform for Software Development


  • Xilinx® Virtex-5 and Virtex-6 FPGA Platform: High-end, high-speed 4-FPGA based systems
  • Honeycomb Architecture™: Clusterable and symmetrical-based architecture
  • Nectar Distributed OS™: Unprecedented programmable application-level access to FPGA resources, interface, and memory
  • Sting I/O™: High-speed inter-FPGA and module-to-module communication interfaces
  • BEEcube Platform Studio™: Powerful algorithm development and IP library environment integrated with MATLAB® and Simulink®


BEEcube technology is well suited as a real-world, real-time prototyping and development platform. BEE systems or platforms are multiple-FPGA high-speed and validation solutions designed to target: 

  • High-speed computation and algorithm prototyping, including mixed signal
  • New SoC and multicore CPU architecture exploration and validation 
  • High-speed SoC or IP ASIC RTL and gate-level prototyping and verification 

BEEcube Platform Studio (BPS) is a system-level, hardware/software co-development environment inside Simulink targeting a wide range of FPGA platforms. BPS provides a rich set of Simulink library blocks that automatically generate all platform-specific hardware interfaces and corresponding software drivers. Months of engineering tasks to integrate complex DSP algorithms into hardware system implementation can be achieved through BPS in a matter of days. No expert knowledge of low-level FPGA implementation details, such as high-speed I/O interfaces, timing closure, hardware/software interfaces, and IP integration issues, is required. The BPS design environment has been purposefully built to abstract hardware-specific details away from the end user. 

A typical design in the BPS design environment starts with the core algorithm design in Simulink, which is specified with either Simulink HDL Coder™ supported Simulink libraries or the Xilinx System Generator library. BPS library blocksets provide all external interfaces, such as external memory, network interface, and ADC/DAC interfaces, as well as on-chip debugging interfaces. BPS software also provides the graphical user interface for driving the complete back-end FPGA synthesis, place and route, and bit file generation tool flow. All back-end project file, IP source codes, and software driver code are generated by BPS software and automatically compiled. 

FPGA platforms supported by BPS include FPGA development boards from Xilinx, such as ML505, ML506, ML507, ML509, and ML605, and BEEcube manufactured platforms, including BEE3, BEE4, and miniBEE.

BPS provides complementary functions to the existing Simulink HDL Coder capabilities for complete in-system validation of full communication systems and other DSP applications in both commercial and defense-related applications.

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