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Neva EM FDTD WBAN Toolbox for Use with MATLAB

Vectorized full-wave FDTD solver


  • RSS, TOA, and DOA estimations for different antenna/array topologies
  • Library of proprietary homogeneous and inhomogeneous body meshes (2mm resolution)
  • Small antennas consisting of dipoles, TX coils, RX coils, and field probes
  • Waveforms that are arbitrary for every antenna/array radiator
  • Body-worn small antennas, GPR, and underwater propagation


Neva EM FDTD WBAN Toolbox for use with MATLAB is a vectorized full-wave FDTD solver with different small antennas/probes that can be located inside or outside a human body or in a restricted environment. The product is accompanied by over 15 fully documented examples including code validation examples, examples with simple dielectric structures, and WBAN application examples. This product requires a basic MATLAB® package starting with version 7.11 (R2010b). No MATLAB toolboxes are required.

Neva EM FDTD WBAN Toolbox for use with MATLAB can quickly and effectively estimate and model electromagnetic propagation and path loss in a human body. It can use proprietary inhomogeneous and homogeneous FDTD body meshes from real subjects with cell sizes of 10mm, 5mm, 2.5mm, and 2mm.

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