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Extended multiplicative scatter correction add-on for PLS_Toolbox


  • Removes additive and multiplicative effects in spectra
  • Helps separate physical from chemical effects
  • Performs higher-order and complex baseline removal
  • Generates classical least squares (CLS) and inverse least squares (ILS) formulations


EMSC_Toolbox image

EMSC, or extended multiplicative scatter correction, is a powerful preprocessing technique that isolates and removes complicated multiplicative effects caused by physical phenomena so that chemical effects can be more easily modeled. The most common physical effect is light scattering in reflectance spectroscopy, which is dependent on particle size distributions. EMSC expands on the popular multiplicative scatter/signal correction technique by offering much improved flexibility in selecting backgrounds to subtract known interferences as well as scaling targets and known analyte spectra.

EMSC_Toolbox adds both MATLAB® command-line and graphical interface access to the high-level EMSC filtering functions. EMSC automatically integrates directly into the PLS_Toolbox preprocessing interface, allowing easy use as a preprocessing method for numerous regression and classification models.

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