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Data set plotting tool for MATLAB®


  • Simple tree browse through data plots
  • Easy hierarchical configuration of plot properties
  • Saving of configuration of plots for reuse
  • Saving of plots in different formats
  • Publishing of plots into Microsoft® Word® document
  • Batch mode saving without user interface and hidden plots


plotFields is a tool running under MATLAB for plotting data sets collected in structures in an efficient, user-friendly way. plotFields contains many tools that let users visualize, inspect, and publish data sets. Users can browse through the different data plots and apply options, such as using subplots or selecting individual graphs.

Browsing through the input structure s, the data is plotted against its array index. Specifying a second structure, cfg, plot properties can be assigned to the data. A session can be defined to allow a reusable combination of plots. A cursor is linked between the X-axis of the different plots. The user can publish selected plots or the session to an HTML page or to a Microsoft Word document. Predefined and user-defined plot functions (including diff, cumsum, fft, and psd) can be applied to better inspect and analyze the data. Users can specify a cell array with multiple identical structures to allow comparison of the data in the structures. Command-line options allow users to run plotFields invisible, which is especially useful for running simulation in batch mode.

plotFields requires MATLAB only. You start plotFields from the MATLAB command window like an ordinary MATLAB function, providing as input the data structure (e.g., plotFields(s)). This function is the one and only interface to MATLAB and to the user. Options can be chosen via the plotFields interface or the additional command-line parameters for batch mode operation.

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  • Control Systems
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