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KHACE Consulting

Modern methods of control system design for the process industries


  • Dynamic simulation of processes and process control systems
  • Advanced process control feasibility and design studies
  • Controllability, operability, performance studies, and troubleshooting
  • MATLAB/Simulink process control applications engineering and training
  • SPC and neural networks process control applications and training
  • Physical properties and thermodynamics tools for MATLAB and Simulink


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We work with clients to undertake or assist them with the development, performance-analysis, and economic justification of process and control system designs and enhancements for existing and new petrochemical or other processes; including MATLAB based Computer Aided Control System Design where appropriate. Simulink based services include simulation building from our own, or client's own, library models; developing new models; and model translation and conversion. Past applications include steam boiler/distribution plant; large gas compression systems; chemical reaction/catalyst-recycle processes, novel oil/gas/water separation processes, and slugging flow. MATLAB versions of established thermodynamics and physical properties tools have been developed for both design calculations and rigorous Simulink modeling, and are available.
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Service Type

  • Consulting Services
  • Training Services


  • Control Systems
  • System Modeling and Simulation
  • Thermodynamics
  • Process Control and Monitoring


  • Chemical and Petroleum