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Curve Fitting Toolbox

Curve Fitting App

The Curve Fitting app enables you to fit a variety of curves and surfaces to data through an interactive interface. 

The app enables you to quickly perform common tasks such as:

  • Fitting different models: Perform linear or nonlinear regression, interpolation, smoothing, or fit a custom equation.
  • Assessing and comparing models: Display goodness-of-fit statistics, confidence intervals and residuals, remove outliers, and assess fits with validation data.
  • Visualizing curves and surfaces: Create, plot, and compare multiple fits.
  • Automating process: Generate MATLAB code to fit and plot curves and surfaces, or export fits to the workspace for further analysis.

Since each curve fitting problem is different, the app allows you to efficiently explore a variety of algorithms in order to find a solution to your data fitting problem.

You can find the Curve Fitting app, along with the rest of the apps for your installed products, by clicking the Apps tab in the MATLAB Toolstrip.

Curve Fitting Toolbox Apps

Curve Fitting to Census Data

Learn how to easily fit census data using polynomial equations up to the sixth degree and a single-term exponential equation using the Curve Fitting app.

File Exchange Apps

You can create your own MATLAB apps and share them with other MATLAB users. Community members frequently share MATLAB apps through File Exchange.

Dose Response Analysis

Dose Response Analysis

The Dose Response Analysis app allows you to characterize the dose response behavior of drugs by fitting the curve to a sigmoidal model.

SLM  - Shape Language Modeling

SLM - Shape Language Modeling

Using the SLM app, you can build a number of curve types from data by providing a prescription for a curve fit using a set of shape primitives.