Surface Map with Light

The image below shows a lighted projection of matrix data which consists of land elevations and bathymetry data for the region around the Korean Peninsula. The projection used is the Albers Equal Area Conic Projection.

Below are the MATLAB commands:
% Create a new figure window

% An example of higher-resolution data accessible through the 
% external interface
load korea 

% Find the latitude and longitude limits of the map

% Create a map axes using equal area conic projection and set the standard 
% parallels to default values for minimum distortion.  Also set the map
% limits, the meridian and parallel labels and grid spacing.


% Display the map with colors and Z proportional to elevation

% Set the colormap to be appropriate for the digital elevation map

% Turn on the map's meridian and parallel labels and grid.  

% Set the vertical exaggeration factor to 30

% Project a light on the surface at a specific latitude and longitude
material([.7 1 2]); lighting phong