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MATLAB Distributed Computing Server

License Management

The only type of license required on your computer cluster is the MATLAB Distributed Computing Server worker license. These worker licenses are checked out from the FlexNET license manager when the workers start up.

MathWorks Job Manager

With the MathWorks job manager, the MATLAB Distributed Computing Server workers on the cluster run as a service and remain running at all times. As a result, the worker licenses remain checked out. The workers must be shut down before the licenses are checked back in.

Third-Party Schedulers

With third-party schedulers, the workers run as an application and are started for each task evaluation and stopped when the task completes. In this case, a worker license is checked out every time a MATLAB Distributed Computing Server worker starts and checked in when the task is complete.

Consider the scenario where a company owns eight MATLAB Distributed Computing Server worker licenses and has sixteen available machines. Two users may simultaneously submit jobs that require eight workers. However, one of the users' jobs will fail with license manager errors since the eight licenses have already been used, even though there are eight machines available for it to run.

One of the ways to avoid this scenario is to create a separate queue for MATLAB jobs and limit the number of workers that can run simultaneously to eight. This means that the second user's job will not be dispatched until the first user's job is completed.

Another alternative is to use a cluster management system, such as Moab Workload Manager, that allows querying the license manager before dispatching jobs.