DO Qualification Kit

Qualifying Tools

DO Qualification Kit implements the tool qualification approach specified in DO-178C. To use DO Qualification Kit, follow these steps:

  1. Provide certification authorities with a tool qualification plan.
  2. Document tool operational requirements.
  3. Verify that the tool satisfies tool operational requirements, and then define limitations and restrictions of the tool.
  4. Provide certification authorities with tool qualification results, including limitations and restrictions.

DO Qualification Kit provides guidance and information for the above steps and includes the document templates, test cases, and test procedures that you need to qualify the supported Simulink and Polyspace products.

For the supported products, DO Qualification Kit includes these artifacts:

  • Tool qualification plan
  • Tool operational requirements
  • Test cases, procedures, and results (with supporting documentation)

You need to execute the test cases and procedures from DO Qualification Kit in your MATLAB® or Polyspace installation environment. You should then compare your generated test results with the expected results from the kit and work to eliminate any differences. Simulink Report Generator is required for qualifying Simulink Verification and Validation.

Note: Use of DO-178 qualified tools does not ensure the safety of the software or the system under consideration.

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