DSP System Toolbox

New Features

R2014b (Version 8.7)

Released: 2 Oct 2014

Version 8.7, part of Release 2014b, includes the following enhancements:

  • Multirate filters: Sample and Farrow Rate Converter, CIC Compensation Interpolator/Decimator, and FIR Halfband Interpolator/Decimator System objects
  • Tunable coefficients and variable-size input available on FIR Interpolator System object and block
  • Variable-size input available on FIR Decimator System object and block
  • Min/Max logging instrumentation for float-to-fixed-point conversion of commonly used DSP System objects, including Biquad Filter, FIR Filter, and FIR Rate Converter
  • HDL-optimized FFT and IFFT System objects and HDL-optimized Complex to Magnitude-Angle System object and block

See the Release Notes for details.

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Previous Releases

R2014a (Version 8.6) - 6 Mar 2014

Version 8.6, part of Release 2014a, includes the following enhancements:

  • Up to four-times faster FIR filter simulation in MATLAB System object and Simulink block
  • Optimized C code generation for ARM Cortex-M processors from System objects with MATLAB Coder and Embedded Coder
  • Notch/peak filter and parametric equalizer filter System objects in MATLAB
  • Variable bandwidth FIR and IIR filter System objects in MATLAB
  • Pink/Colored noise generation System object in MATLAB
  • HDL optimized FFT and IFFT Simulink blocks

See the Release Notes for details.

R2013b (Version 8.5) - 5 Sep 2013

Version 8.5, part of Release 2013b, includes the following enhancements:

  • Support Package for ARM Cortex-M Processors
  • Channel and distortion measurement, cursors, and spectrogram visualization using Spectrum Analyzer in MATLAB and Simulink
  • Channel mapping for multichannel audio devices in MATLAB and Simulink
  • Variable-size support for FIR and Allpole filters in MATLAB and Simulink
  • Estimation of Power Spectrum, Cross Power Spectrum, and Transfer Function for streaming data in MATLAB
  • Data logging and archiving using Time Scope in Simulink
  • MIDI control interface support in MATLAB

See the Release Notes for details.

R2013a (Version 8.4) - 7 Mar 2013

Version 8.4, part of Release 2013a, includes the following enhancements:

  • Allpass Filter System object
  • Adaptive Filter System objects using RLS Filter and Affine Projection Filter
  • Logic Analyzer System object
  • Audio System object that now supports tunability, variable frame size, variable number of channels, and writing MPEG-4 AAC
  • Array Plot System object for displaying vectors or arrays in 2-D, and SpectrumAnalyzer block  with performance improvement and Overlap control
  • Time Scope block with triggering and peak finder features

See the Release Notes for details.

R2012b (Version 8.3) - 11 Sep 2012

Version 8.3, part of Release 2012b, includes the following enhancements:

  • SpectrumAnalyzer System object
  • Cross-platform support for reading and writing WAV, FLAC, OGG, MP3 (read only), MP4 (read only), and M4a (read only)
  • Support for code generation for CICDecimator and CICInterpolator System objects
  • Support for HDL code generation for multichannel Discrete FIR Filter block
  • Time Scope enhancements, including new cursors, embedded simulation controls, and External and Rapid Accelerator modes
  • Support for MATLAB Compiler for CICDecimator and CICInterpolator System objects

See the Release Notes for details.