Spreadsheet Link EX

Managing the Link and Manipulating Your Data

With Spreadsheet Link EX, Microsoft Excel becomes an easy-to-use data-storage and application-development front end for MATLAB. You work with Spreadsheet Link EX functions from an Excel worksheet or macro without leaving the Excel environment. You can use the Excel interface to edit and view your data and then use Spreadsheet Link EX to pass data and commands to MATLAB. You can pass data stored in an Excel spreadsheet to the MATLAB workspace. Similarly, you can easily bring data from the MATLAB workspace into an Excel spreadsheet.

The MATLAB workspace includes all the variables created by MATLAB, Handle Graphics®, and related toolboxes. MATLAB functions can access and share the data in these variables, and you can call these same MATLAB functions from Excel formulas, macros, or Excel Visual Basic® subroutines or functions.

Because both MATLAB and Excel are extensible, you can develop and incorporate your own data analysis functions and techniques.

SpreadsheetLink Preference Dialog
The Preferences dialog, which you can use to configure your environment.

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