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Building a Fuzzy Inference System

Fuzzy inference is a method that interprets the values in the input vector and, based on user-defined rules, assigns values to the output vector. Using the editors and viewers in the Fuzzy Logic Toolbox, you can build the rules set, define the membership functions, and analyze the behavior of a fuzzy inference system (FIS). The following editors and viewers are provided:

FIS Editor - Displays general information about a fuzzy inference system

Membership Function Editor - Lets you display and edit the membership functions associated with the input and output variables of the FIS

Rule Editor - Lets you view and edit fuzzy rules using one of three formats: full English-like syntax, concise symbolic notation, or an indexed notation

Rule Viewer - Lets you view detailed behavior of a FIS to help diagnose the behavior of specific rules or study the effect of changing input variables

Surface Viewer - Generates a 3-D surface from two input variables and the output of an FIS

The Membership Function Editor (top left), FIS Editor (center), Rule Editor (top right), Rule Viewer (bottom left), and Surface Viewer (bottom right).
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