Gauges Blockset

Key Features

  • Provides a library of customizable graphical instrumentation blocks to view signals
  • Interfaces your Simulink model with any ActiveX control indicator
  • Enables signal visualization in Simulink for real-time applications
  • Includes an automotive instrumentation library

You can easily monitor any signal within your Simulink model through graphical instrumentation. The Gauges Blockset contains preconfigured blocks that can be customized to your application.


An automatic transmission system with graphical instrumentation blocks from the Gauges Blockset. Preprogrammed brake and throttle inputs result in changes in gears, vehicle speed, engine RPM, and distance traveled (seen on the generic linear gauge block, speedometer, tachometer, and odometer gauges, respectively).

Graphical Instrumentation Blocks

The Global Majic ActiveX Library in the Gauges Blockset contains more than 40 preconfigured blocks, including libraries of linear and angular gauges, numeric displays, light-emitting diodes (LEDs), percent indicators, on/off gauges, and a strip chart. You can customize various aspects of the blocks, including fonts, backgrounds, labels, tick marks, and gauge needle shapes. You can use these blocks anywhere in your Simulink models.

ActiveX Controls

The Gauges Blockset graphical instruments are built with ActiveX controls. A generic ActiveX Control block lets you add an ActiveX control to your Simulink model. (This block can be configured only as a gauge. It does not support input controls.) You can make an ActiveX control available as a Simulink gauge block by specifying the name under which the ActiveX control is registered on your system, the events that cause the ActiveX control to perform an action, and the resulting action.

Real-Time Application Support

The Gauges Blockset supports the external mode of Simulink. External mode establishes a communications link between a Simulink model and code, generated with Simulink Coder, executing on any target system, such as Simulink Real-Time, the RSim Target in Simulink Coder, or Simulink Desktop Real-Time. The Gauges Blockset lets you monitor signals from the target application while it is executing.

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