IEC Certification Kit

Certifying Systems

IEC Certification Kit provides detailed workflow guidance needed for developing and verifying systems using Model-Based Design. The workflow guidance describes processes, methods, and tools used for each software development and verification step from high-level requirements validation to executable object code verification.

With IEC Certification Kit, you can generate a traceability matrix spreadsheet showing requirements-to-model-to-code bidirectional traceability paths and file information. You can also use IEC Certification Kit to generate a list of reported bugs that you can store and archive for key Simulink and Polyspace tools used for Model-Based Design.

Trace matrix generated from IEC Certification Kit
Trace matrix generated from IEC Certification Kit.

Note: Simulink and Polyspace were not developed using an IEC 61508–compliant process. Using certified tools does not ensure the safety of the software or the system under consideration.

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