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LTE System Toolbox

Latest Releases

R2015b (Version 2.1) - 3 Sep 2015

Version 2.1, part of Release 2015b, includes the following enhancements:

  • Release 12 256QAM: Simulate small cell PDSCH 256QAM modulation and coding schemes
  • Release 11 Multiple Zero Power CSI-RS Bitmaps: Model multicell ZP CSI-RS patterns
  • Release 11 PUSCH/PUCCH DRS Virtual Identities: Model uplink Release 11 Coordinated Multipoint (CoMP) scenarios
  • Cell Search Enhancements: Detect multiple cells in an LTE downlink waveform
  • Waveform Generation: Improved control of PDCCH, DCI, and OCNG for test and measurement

See the Release Notes for details.

R2015a (Version 2.0) - 5 Mar 2015

Version 2.0, part of Release 2015a, includes the following enhancements:

  • UMTS Downlink and Uplink Waveform Generation Functions: Generate standard-compliant W-CDMA, HSPA and HSPA+ signals
  • Coordinated Multipoint (CoMP) Transmission and Reception Simulation: Mitigate interference and improve performance at the edge of an LTE cell
  • SIB1 Message PDSCH Support: Generate and receive LTE downlink waveforms carrying SIB1 for cell search and network access
  • TM9/TM10 RMC waveform generation: Create TM9/TM10 waveforms containing CSI-RS for channel quality measurements

See the Release Notes for details.

R2014b (Version 1.2) - 2 Oct 2014

Version 1.2, part of Release 2014b, includes the following enhancements:

  • Enhanced physical downlink control channel (EPDCCH) and its demodulation reference signal (DM-RS) generation functions in support of 3GPP Release 11
  • Channel quality indicator (CQI) and rank indicator (RI) estimation functions for modulation and coding scheme (MCS) selection
  • Unifying function for extracting physical channel symbols and signals from a resource grid
  • Zero-power channel state information reference signals (CSI-RS) generation functions in support of 3GPP Release 10

See the Release Notes for details.

R2014a (Version 1.1) - 6 Mar 2014

Version 1.1, part of Release 2014a, includes the following enhancements:

  • Standard-compliant models for LTE and LTE-Advanced (Releases 8, 9, and 10)
  • End-to-end physical layer transmit and receive processing functions, including OFDM (downlink) and SC-FDMA (uplink)
  • MIMO antenna transmission and UE-specific beamforming functions
  • Channel estimation, synchronization, and MIMO receiver functions
  • Standard-compliant propagation channel models
  • Test models and reference measurement channel (RMC) waveform generators
  • Interactive tools for conformance and BER testing
  • Recovery of low-level parameters, such as cell identity