Access the power of MATLAB for your hobbies

  • "I can use MATLAB to model stock markets and analyze personal investment plans."

  • "MATLAB can help me implement algorithms and
    run models on Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and

  • "I can use MATLAB to design circuits and perform signal analysis when working on my amateur radio projects."

MATLAB Home™ gives you the full capabilities of MATLAB® for your personal use. It makes it easy to work on your ideas and have fun with personal projects such as modeling the stock market, enhancing your digital photos, or designing robots to show off your Arduino and Raspberry Pi skills.

For personal use only. Not for government, academic, research, commercial, or other organizational use.


Additional MATLAB licenses are available for professionals, educators, and students.


Customize MATLAB with add-on products for your area of interest


Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and LEGO MINDSTORMS projects

Prototype, test, and run models on low-cost target hardware. You can design algorithms for control systems, robotics, audio processing, and computer vision applications and see them perform with hardware. See add-on products


Robotic applications

Design robotic applications by modeling, simulating, and running them on hardware. See add-on products


Digital photography

Enhance your images and test image processing algorithms for your digital photographs. See add-on products


Stock market modeling and personal finance

Model financial market data and use powerful statistics tools to analyze and optimize your portfolio performance. See add-on products

Signal Processing

Signal processing

Explore signal processing and digital filter ideas and develop applications such as audio and speech processing, signal visualization, time and frequency analysis, and signal data analysis of household device sensors. See add-on products


For personal use only. Not for government, academic, research, commercial, or other organizational use.

Amateur Radio

Amateur radio

Build amateur radio applications by designing and simulating algorithms for audio and speech processing, instrumentation, and baseband wireless communications. See add-on products


Sports statistics

Model and analyze sports stats for your favorite teams. You can develop statistical algorithms and build the ultimate fantasy sports team. See add-on products

Learning Resources


Q. Who can buy and use the MATLAB Home license?
A. The MATLAB® Home license is for your personal use only. It is not available for government, academic, research, commercial, or other organizational use.

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